America's Champs Website

We recently added an e-commerce solution to the America’s Champs website, making it simple for program registration.

America’s Champs is the Leader in Youth sports Programs. We just worked with AC Director Kevin Burns to discuss simplifying the registration process for his clients signing up for his sports programs. So we added a WooCommerce e-commerce registration to his site. We customized it to his requirements and he was off and running. The site has been exceptionally busy since we added e-commerce, and we are thrilled about it. This site was one that we had built a few years ago. In addition to maintenance, we monitor the analytics and discuss marketing strategy with Mr. Burns. In addition to all the web development work, we designed a new logo and provided new photography of a few of his popular programs like golf and basketball.

A little on America’s Champs..
AC provides unique instructional youth sports programs independently and through a variety of public and private youth organizations. High-quality professional instruction emphasizing fundamentals and instilling a lifelong love of sports sets them apart.



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